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The New Spring Edition of Ad-Astra is Available NOW in the Publications Page.

Please note though, that we have moved to an E-Pub Format in an attempt to be more digital and you may need to download an app of some form to view the publication.

For those that use Apple products, use Safari. Users of Android products use Chrome. 




RAFSFA Membership Renewals Due

Yes, that's right, that time of year has once again popped its head around the corner.

However, last year was a bit of a foul-up, what with a new treasurer etc etc, and well the membership subscriptions were basically forgotten about, 

So nearly  everyone got a free year.

Alas, that can't be the case this year, as next year is the 25th Birthday of RAFSFA (rafsta) and we are hoping to recreate the 21st Birthday event of a full bank holiday weekender. Also the website and e-mag need to be paid also :-(

So, if you would like to remain a member of the most unique club in the UK, then pop along to paypal and pays your subs. 

2016-2017 fee: £10.00

paypal acc: rafsta1992@hotmail.com

use the friends & family section and put 2016 in the note area.  

We look forward to seeing you at the 25th Birthday event


Planning is now well under way for the next AGM, and with the speed of time passing that weekend will soon be here. 

For those who attended this year I am sure you will agree it was another unprecedented success, with a spectacular amount raised for our chosen charities.

Always setting our sights higher we aim to further improve for next year, with lessons learnt on our venue and a template from previous meetings it should be quite the bash. 

Weekend Dates are: May 1st

                                    May 29th

                                    August  TBC

Details will be finalised within the next few months and in order to keep you all advised can I ask you update your contact details with the club. Even if they haven’t changed please let us know so we can ensure our records are correct. 

Send your details to: m.oram@rafsta.org



Ad-Astra E-Pub News


In the coming months Ad Astra will be sent out in a more unique way.

At present anyone who has the link can view the mag, and as the link was posted on the Facebook Social Page, anyone who was a member of the FB page could view the mag. This however included non-members, and it was raised at the AGM.

This will now change. There is an option to send the magazine to email addresses.

So, if you want the magazine you will need to do two things:

1) Send your Email address to rafsta1992@hotmail.com (include your name and rafsta number)

2) Pay your membership fee for 2016-2017. ( £10.00 )

The magazine will only be forwarded to those who have paid their membership. Failure to pay will be seen as you no longer wish to be a member of RAFSFA, and your membership rights will be adjusted accordingly on the website, and you will also possibly be removed from the FB Social Page.

In other words, the next magazine will go out as normal, however the Winter Edition will only be sent to those who have paid their memberships dues. So, you have until November 30th to pay up.


Events Happening Near You ??

So, there's a Dr Who exhibiton/convention, a Star Wars gathering, or maybe something that your interested in and maybe just feel that other members of RAFSTA may enjoy also, more so if there's a pub involved.


So, what are you waiting for, let everyone in RAFSTA know about what your attending or thinking of going.


Send the details to info@rafsta.org, and we'll have it posted for all to see, and hopefully attend..


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